Hello Media

Branding, branding, branding! This encompasses my design internship at Hello Media. Between creating graphics for social media to fit the HM branding to creating beautiful branding suites for clients, it was a design experience full of stunning graphics! 

As I created graphics for our own social media accounts and the website, I wanted to make sure to incorporate consistent branding for Hello Media while also stepping outside of the box to push boundaries. Between trendy graphics and stunning mood boards... we were able to showcase the HM brand in a fun and effortless way.  

Rise Above Baking Co.

This branding suite was designed for a small, boutique bakery in Minnesota! The client wanted to evoke a feminine feeling while using an earthy color palette. The playful cinnamon roll is a fun brand mark throughout the suite. The best part of this project was the exploration of the different suite options. In the end, I combined two of the client's favorite options to create this full suite.

Ama La Vita

Love life is what ama la vita translates to in English and that is the perfect representation of this brand! Our clients were rebranding their small boutique in Rochester, Minnesota and they wanted to elevate their branding. This soft brand fits their shop while still incorporating some fun and feminine elements, which represent the owners perfectly!