Caffeinated Designs!

I love to illustrate things that I love... and coffee is one of those things! It is so fun to challenge myself to experiment with different illustrative and stroke styles. Why not draw a cup of coffee while I enjoy my third one of the day? 



Another thing you will not find me without is my Spotify account! I am always making a new playlist and trying to find new, unique indie artists! One of my favorite musicians is Florence and the Machine. I rarely skip one of her songs and I find a lot of inspiration from her music too! 

I created this project for one of my design classes in college. We were to create something inspired by an art movement. I chose Art Nouveau and immediately thought of Florence!  

Wartburg Hands

For my Communication Design class, we were tasked with communicating "Wartburg" in a unique and visual way. I immediately thought of sign language and got to work on my project. I took photos of my own hands and used the photographs as a reference for my illustrations. 


Self Portraits

In addition to drawing things, I wanted to explore illustrating people too. The faceless style I chose to experiment with has been trending all over social media and I wanted to try my hand at it. Instead of a plain background, I wanted to use organic shapes in order to help fill the space in a gentle way. The only way to learn something and to get better is to try it!