COM 355: 


In my senior year of college, I took the final course for my organizational and public relations minor. Persuasion was a fast paced course that focused on competitive client work for St. Paul's Lutheran Church and School in Waverly, Iowa. There were three teams who

all created a set of deliverables for all seven projects and the client would select a winner after all pitches were presented. My team was able to win four out of seven projects, but we were proud of all of the work we did. Everything I have included on this page are elements of the projects that I created with Adobe Creative Cloud software.  



This project was a fundraiser for the Sixth Grade Capstone trip to Washington D.C. The goal of the campaign was to have community members purchase a fictional bus seat where the seat number would equal the purchase amount. 

In addition to posters, our team developed a full social media campaign to connect with their target market by using the persuasive theory of social proof. Our team planned an intentional campaign that would be easily recognizable, engaging and cohesive. 




My love for illustration was definitely in the air while our team created this playful fundraising campaign. This was another opportunity for the Sixth Graders to fundraise for their trip to Washington D.C. and our team thought it would be tasteful to approach it as a fun, youthful aesthetic instead of a romantic take on the holiday fundraiser! 

The client requested a poster, a print order form and a social media plan. I had a lot of fun with the social media plan, as I decided to push myself to create a few animations in the form of gifs! Our client loved the motion graphics to help mix up what kind of content the target consumers were interacting with.

SV_Print out Valentines-01 copy.jpg



In addition to the requested deliverables from the client, my team and I thought it would be fun to provide some printable valentines for the students to take home to cut out with their parents. As a kid, I loved things like this! 


This deliverable was also another opportunity to be an additional touch point to promote the fundraiser

to the St. Paul's parent population. 

Mini-Mall_Posters_11 x 17 Poster.jpg



Almost every event we created campaigns for, was a fundraiser. The Parent Teacher Organization Mini-Mall was included in the umbrella of event fundraisers for the client. The event typically takes place during the height of the holiday shopping season, so we focused on a cheerful and winter wonderland aesthetic. I created all of the illustrations and the color palette to ensure it was all cohesive and that it fit with the St. Paul's branding too. 



The event consists of local vendors coming together into one space as an opportunity for community members to shop for their holiday gifts. A portion of the profits from vendors goes toward the fundraiser. Our team came up with the idea of the stamp card to incentivize participation in the event. This boosts the support of local vendors and increases the fundraising total. This bonus piece of the project was what set us apart from the other groups and is what caused us to win this client pitch! 

Stamp Card_Stamp Card2.jpg
Stamp Card_Stamp Card1.jpg