For my graphic design and studio art majors, photography was a required course for me to take. I was so excited to take this class during my senior year and I knew there was a chance I could incorporate my design skills while learning more about photography. 

This was a new creative outlet for me and I soon discovered that I really enjoy photographing people. There is something about capturing the energy of someone that is so energizing to me! Can you tell that I'm an extrovert? 

Self Portraits

Throughout the term, I experimented a lot with self portraits in the photography studio. It was empowering to capture myself in a variety of different ways! I was also able to experiment with lighting and camera settings in a very controlled environment. That was a learning experience!

I learn best by working hands on and this was the perfect place to do just that! 

For my final project, I wanted to combine my self portraits with typography, color and photoshop. My inspiration for the two projects, Daydream with me and the Blue Moon campaign, came together randomly in the middle of photographing and this was a unique process for me. I typically have my project planned out with sketches, but this time I allowed myself to take the space to create as inspiration would strike me. 

The projects both fell together in post production as I was editing both. I wanted to create something that would spark joy for viewers and something out of the box. I had so much fun creating both and these projects are something that I am very proud of! 


Female Portraits

In addition to self portraits, I found myself to be incredibly passionate about capturing female portraits. After the initial portraits assignment in class, I found myself only doing portraits for the rest of the term. Once I had the weekly prompt from

my professor, I would figure out a way to incorporate portraits. 

Some of the themes I have included here are portraits, body

and color. 

There is just something so special to me about photographing my female friends. I wanted to create a space for my subjects to feel confident and empowered. I typically would use more of the photos I would take toward the end of the shoot because my subjects would loosen up a little more in front of the camera. It was such

a unique experience to witness my friends blossom in front of the camera every single time.