Pretty Planted Things

For a large chunk of my life, my mom owned flower shops and greenhouses. I basically grew up playing in the weeds! As I got older and was more aware of design, I noticed my mom had a hard time finding somebody in our area to create the perfect stylized branding for her business. 

This is what inspired me to create the brand identity for Planted for my Advanced Design Projects class. The focus of the class was to create a branding package for a fictional company. I wanted to combine my love for flowers, design and illustration to make an earthy but beautiful identity. 

Postcards + Animation

Square postcards were a fun and unique way to incorporate the geometric elements from the logo mark. I played around with a bleed for a stylized way to work with typography and ended up loving it! Just imagine how fun it would be to receive one of these in the mail! 

I had doodled up some fun floral illustrations and wanted to give them a little more life! I was also curious to learn more about animation, so this was the perfect opportunity to teach myself something new. For my first time, it is something I am still proud of and it is so fun!

Sustainable Mockups

Sustainability is always something I am trying to incorporate into my personal and professional life. As I was creating this project, I was brainstorming ideas where sustainability and the Planted identity could intersect. A canvas bag was the perfect solution! Not only could it be used for a promotional event at the shop, but it can also be advertising when customers use it at other stores too. 

Planted Canvas Bags

Website Blooms

I have always loved learning new things and it shows in my design work. Working with Adobe XD for the website mockup for Planted was another perfect opportunity to learn even more about this specific program. 

I did my best to find photos from different stock photo sites to ensure it was all a similar aesthetic. I also wanted to make sure the photos matched the branding color palette well to tie it all together.

For each part of our projects, we had a week to complete it. For having seven days to create this mockup, I am so proud of it! Click the link below to see the full design mockup!