Wartburg College Dance Marathon is a philanthropic organization focused on fundraising to contribute to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. During my junior year I was able to serve as the Graphic Design Director on the Executive Team.

Our fall push day theme was inspired by NASA. I was able to create several Mission Miracles graphics for our participants to use throughout the day to fundraise and learn about incentives. 



Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, our big event in April was canceled. This day

is normally the day where we are able to celebrate the year of fundraising and community our program has been able to create. Due to the cancelation, our PR Team needed to get creative to find a way to allow our organization to celebrate the year. 


We created a week-long social media celebration to honor our participants, miracle families and anybody else who was involved this year. This still wasn't the same as having a big event, but this is now being used as an example for other organizations as a "best practice" for PR campaigns! 


This annual fundraising event was also canceled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The 5k and pancake breakfast was always a fun event to attend, especially for the kids! Social media and posters were essential for communicating information about the event. I had so much fun illustrating the shoes and the pancakes!



Wartburg College Dance Marathon always provides a fun shirt for students and families to wear on the day of the big event. Because the big event did not happen, the shirts were not printed either. Each shirt would have had the partners on the back. Participants, miracle families and morale captains all would have had different color shirts for the big event too.  



Partnering with local businesses has been incredible for our organization. Pizza Ranch has been an amazing and steady fundraiser for us. For each new event, I would illustrate new toppings for the pizza! 



An easy way for participants to fundraise is through random Instagram stories. Friends and family can reply, interact with the story and donate through a link in a bio or through Venmo. It is easy, interactive and fun! 

Pizza Ranch